Won with a Gun, 2017

Won with a Gun explores American gun culture in a place that was won by guns, the West. Initially, I questioned, why I do not own nor had I ever fired a gun, when members of my family are rooted in this tradition. I wanted to know why people feel the need to protect themselves, what they are protecting themselves from and where the fear they feel was coming from. I started by visiting shooting ranges in Arizona and in my home state of Colorado, and have found people who seem to be conditioned to live in fear of what could happen to themselves, their family or their communities. Invoked by the American media, these fears come from images, videos and sound clips, representations of events, creating tenuous relationships of an us vs. them culture thus creating a condition of fear.

In an attempt to understand my own predispositions of fear, rooted in societal disjuncture, my exploration has resulted in photographs of artifacts representing events from the past, a response to an artificial threat. Empty, fractured, peaceful landscapes covered in trigger trash. Abandoned targets of mutilated representations of the body. Still lives of trophies representing a mastery of skill. Land that is constantly being changed by people who are preparing to respond to danger.